"I don't need this... I've already configured my newsreader with all the feeds I care about"


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There's a LOT of content out there.  

Millions of web sites, blogs, and other sources are constantly producing content on every topic under the sun.  And millions of users want to read content related to topics they're interested in. But how are those users supposed to find those sources, and even if they could, who's got time to set up all those browser bookmarks, or news reader configurations, and then jump around from one source to the next in order to read everything?

Wouldn't it be great if there were apps that would aggregate content related to specific topics and deliver it to interested users, in one convenient stream...?

Enter News Valet.

News Valet is a family of topic-specific Android applications that are pre-configured with relevant content sources, so that users can avoid all of the discovery and setup hassle, and just start reading.  Even better, we add new sources regularly based on user suggestions, and integrate them into the content stream automatically (no app update required).

Take a product tour, see the list of the existing News Valet apps, or create a new one today!

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